A completely new approach to your work

It's beneficial to be Rocket partner!

It's easy to earn more

We have got a lot of orders at all times. You don't have to waste your time looking for customers - the orders are received automatically, and all you have left to decide is how much you are going to earn today.


You manage your time on your own, as you wish. Whenever you are ready - just launch your mobile application and start receiving orders. The flexible schedule at Rocket is a unique opportunity to combine work, personal life and your hobbies.

FIND THE NECESSARY location - it's simple!

Forget about vain circling around looking for the correct address, wasting your time and the consequently dissatisfied customers - all this is left in the past! Our mobile application will suggest the most optimal route to your destination on the map.

Set off on the road!

It's as straightforward as it can be!


Share some documents

You can become a Rocket driver partner in several simple steps. First of all you need to contact our headquarter office and we will provide you with the list of the required documents.


Get acquainted with our Policy

Having verified your documentation, we will invite you to our office to get acquainted with your skills, and we, in our turn will present you Rocket's policy and our corporate culture.



As soon as your candidature gets approved, we will invite you to sign the contract. After passing the induction training you can commence your work!

About the app

We introduce innovations to make your job easier!

It's so easy to work with our mobile application, even if you do it for the first time. Once you launch the application your location will be determined automatically and as soon as you are ready - the nearest order will be directed to you. The address and the route directions will be automatically displayed in your phone and we will notify your customer when you arrive. Upon the arrival at the destination, the cost of the trip will be displayed on screen.


We have created a multipurpose mobile application to make it easier for you to work. Due to the intuitive interface all the necessary tools will become available to you in just two clicks. Simply load the application and start earning!

YOUR car IS A source Of Income

Whatever class your car belongs to - a compact, a minivan, a luxury car or a truck - we will help you to unleash the full potential of your vehicle and provide you with the highest possible income.


Our support service is available 24 hours a day and is always there to help both beginners and experienced drivers in any situation, whether it is a question related to passengers or a technical malfunction.

Our drivers' reviews

In their own words

Parunak Aji-Martirosyan

I have been working at Rocket for 5 years now. In addition to constantly meeting well-mannered and pleasant customers, I have had the opportunity to receive a sufficient income. I have seen only positive and professional approach to work over the years, both from the company's management and from my colleagues.

Yeghishe Arakelyan

It has been exactly a year that I have been working at Rocket. I am truly satisfied with our staff and the kind attitude towards the drivers. My peer drivers, as well as the other staff members are very friendly and attentive to each other. Meanwhile, the quality of the provided service is always at its highest. Our clients are polite and well-rounded people and it is such a pleasure to meet them every day.

Samvel Harutyunyan

I have been working at Rocket since the very first day of its opening. I am pleased with the management, since it has always shown individual approach to each and every driver. Being a team of true professionals, who know their job well, our staff are also very responsive. Most of our clients are educated and intelligent people. This is also a great opportunity to earn enough money throughout the day.

Join our team

Just a couple of steps separates you from the desired income.

Secure rides


We strive to provide two-sided safety: to drivers and passengers. Therefore, we have organized the work process in a way that nothing will distract you while driving. Additionally you will have no random passengers - all orders are carried out through registered user accounts in our system.